God of War 3 Developers Join the Ranks of Respawn Entertainment

on February 16, 2011 8:00 PM

God of War 3 Developers Join the Ranks of Respawn Entertainment

Vince Zampella and Jason West made headlines last  year with the creation of their appropriately named Respawn Entertainment development studio. Now Respawn is making the headlines with some of the talent that has supposedly joined the young studio.

Justin Hendry and Robert Taube , senior designer and environment artist respectively, recently worked for Sony Santa Monica, who created one of the biggest games of last year: God of War 3. Imagine seeing that credit on a resume. According to reports, they now work for Respawn. While we know much of the talent at Respawn has no trouble crafting a good FPS, what kind of action-adventure game would the ex-Call of Duty developers make?

With both of the developers picking up the same role they played at Santa Monica, we’re that much more excited to see Respawn’s first game. The first Respawn project will be multiplatform, although no release information is available.

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