God of War 3 Preview

March 1, 2010

As listeners of the Dualshockers Podcast, The ShockCast, know, I attended a Sony event on Wednesday and got hands on time with God of War 3. The stuff I got to play was NOT the E3 demo, it was a representation of the final game. I’m sorry Nintendo, but Sony had the best event this week.

Let’s start off with the look of the game. If you played the E3 demo, just pretend that you played a PS2 version of God of War 3, because the game looked better in every sense of the word, this looked like it couldn’t be done on the PS3.  The game was crisp and fast. I fought through a horde of enemies and the game didn’t even stumble. The framerate was as smooth as butter and I only had one instance of a load time during action (it was only about a second). The lighting and shadows were breathtaking, and the way Kratos’ muscles would shift as he moved looked real.


The action was non stop, any time where you thought you would get a quick break was quickly turned into another high intensity situation. The background action further added to the cinematic scope of the game.

The combat was tight and easy to pick up. A change in environment added a layer of depth to the combat system that I have only really seen in the game Bayonetta. The Quick Time Events are not intrusive in the least, the buttons show up on the corresponding spot on screen. This is how QTEs should be done and Santa Monica Studios has brought the best QTEs I have ever dealt with. The levels of brutality are absolutely high.

The sound is something that can only be truly appreciated if you have a surround sound system and you crank it up loud. The score is what you would expect from the God of War series, and the sounds are all on point. Even if you don’t have surround sound, the sound in this game will be something truly impressive.

I am going to talk about what the gameplay covered, if you don’t want parts of the start of God of War 3 spoiled, I would suggest skipping this section.

The game starts off where the second left off. Kratos is riding on a Titan while they scale Mount Olympus on their way to get revenge against the gods. The gods atop Mount Olympus are ready and begin their attack. The focus of this part of the game is Poseidon, the god of the sea. Poseidon begins to send horse looking water creatures to grab the Titans and tear them down from Mount Olympus. The first part of the game deals with Kratos taking these out. As you traverse the Titan, you continue to take these creatures out, until you get to the first big encounter. Poseidon is the first major boss you encounter and he is a son of a bitch. After the encounter, you go through a truly unique and badass QTE, which ends with a lifeless Poseidon plummeting toward the ocean. As he hits… Well, I won’t spoil that.

See, I didn’t give away anything THAT big. Spoiler section is over.

I know that this preview seemed to gush on, but the game is truly THAT good. I went to this event thinking that God of War 3 would be a rental for me, but now I want this game. When the guy at the event came to reset the game so I couldn’t see past what they wanted us to see, I was tempted to offer a sexual favor so that I could continue to play. If you are on the fence about this game, well, this game breaks the fence, so just buy it. Hands down, the most impressive thing I have seen this generation. This is the reason you should own a PlayStation 3.

Evan Velez

Evan is not only a contributing editor but also the official west coast liaison for the site. He is a Sony fanboy without regard but has also spent countless hours grinding away in Azeroth. A true video game music enthusiast and a well versed video game historian. You do not want to argue with the man, you will probably lose.

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