God of War Director and Actors Share Behind-the-Scenes Info on Their Work on the Game

God of War Director and Actors Share Behind-the-Scenes Info on Their Work on the Game

Cory Barlog, Christopher Judge, Jeremy Davies, and Danielle Bisutti talk about their experience working together on God of War.

Today during a panel at Tribeca Film Festival in New York, God of War Director Cory Barlog, accompanied by the actors behind the main cast of the game, talked about the production of the game.

Do keep in mind that there are possible spoilers down there.

  • Barlog confirmed that he was slated to direct a Tomb Raider game before he left Crystal Dynamics in 2013.
  • He felt a lot of fear before looking at the reviews of God of War. Barlog likened it to being naked in front of the world.
  • He doesn’t make games for himself. He enjoys making games to entertain people.
  • Kratos’ actor Christopher Judge did not think God of War was a video game when he read the script. He thought it was a movie. It was his son that first realized that the script was for God of War. 
  • Barlog was advised by many that he should cast an adult that he can play a kid since it would have been easier. He saw many actors during the casting, but Sunny Suljic’s performance was amazingly mature, so Balrog decided that Atreus was him. At that time he had not figured out the name for the character yet.
  • Freya’s actress Danielle Bisutti thought that the script was for Game of Thrones. She did not know it was God of War until she visited Santa Monica Studios.
  • Barlog mentioned that her audition was so good that at the end he said “son of a bitch!” in awe.
  • Baldur’s actor Jeremy Davies mentioned that his experience with Cory Barlog absolutely matched his best experiences in film with directors like Steven Spielberg. It all comes down with his approach to actors. He understands how to speak to actors, allowing them to feel completely comfortable.
  • Judge mentioned that he didn’t understand Davies’ performance at the beginning, but then he was “Oh My God.” He likened the experience to watching a masterclass, defining it “dynamite.”
  • Judge explained that during production that Barlog was never too busy, never too stressed, or never too important to listen to him. He made everyone feel important and needed.
  • He also explained that the writers of the game were present on the set every single day, which doesn’t happen in film and television.

Balrog got emotional before the end of the panel and mentioned that he cannot express how thankful he is to the actors who played his characters.

God of War is currently available in all regions, exclusively for PS4. If you haven’t purchased it yet, you can do so on Amazon. If you’d like to know what we think about the game, you can read my review.

Today we got a brand new patch numbered 1.16, and some time down the line we will get another implementing photo mode.

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