God of War and Hades Crossover Has Finally Happened in Epic Fan Art 

God of War and Hades Crossover Has Finally Happened in Epic Fan Art 

God of War's Kratos enters the Underworld of Hades in amazing crossover fan art.

Hades has certainly taken the gaming world by storm thanks to its beautifully well-designed environments and impressive characters. Starting out as an early access title in 2018, Hades began to gather attention when it officially released last year making it the game that was on the tip of everyone’s tongue.  Even though many would say that there isn’t much that could be done to the title by SuperGiant Games to improve it, a fan of the game wanted to give it a go regardless and thought that adding in some fan art of Kratos from God of War was a fantastic addition to the already critically acclaimed game.

Adrian Cruceanu, a digital artist at KillHouse Games, adores Hades so much that they named the popular title as their favorite game last year. To showcase how much they really enjoyed it, they have created a fantastic fan art of the game that features none other than the mighty Kratos from God of War. The crossover sees Kratos’ character pop up in a sequence, replacing Hades who is Zagreus’ father, which includes his very own dialogue that emulates how he would talk to Atreus in God of War. The best part of it is, you can actually hear Kratos saying the words in your head and it’s pretty awesome. It’s really a perfect marriage having Kratos in among the world of Hades and its character since there’s a Greek connection between both and also Kratos’ past relationships with the Greek gods of Olympus.


Just like the God of War community, a vibrant game like Hades is bound to bring in talented people from all walks of life. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this cosplay of Zagreus or how about this exceptional art from Rachel Weiss that turned Dusa and the Furies into a punk rock band. We even had someone complete the game using a dance pad! Of course, who wouldn’t want this Hades arcade cabinet in their home, also?

DualShockers couldn’t escape from Hades and named it as our Game of the Year for 2020. If you haven’t had a chance to pick it up, Hades is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC. You can also check out our review of the game right here.