Here’s What a Few Super Smash Bros. Characters Look Like as Drawn by God of War’s Art Director

Here’s What a Few Super Smash Bros. Characters Look Like as Drawn by God of War’s Art Director

God of War art director Raf Grassetti showed his own unique take on the various characters of Super Smash Bros. in a series of stunning art.

2018 proved to be a great year for God of War fans as they saw the return of Kratos in a sweeping and emotional new chapter in the long-running series, which turned out to be one of the very best games of the entire year. Likewise, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gave series fans the truly “ultimate” version of the fighting game series by bringing back every character that has ever appeared in the franchise into one title. You wouldn’t think that the two titles might have much in common, but thanks to God of War art director Raf Grassetti, it turns out he happens to be a pretty big fan of the series as shown through his recent artwork.

Over on his Instagram page, Raf Grassetti, who most recently served as the art director on God of War at Sony Santa Monica Studio, has started sharing a series of illustrations over the past couple of days with his own “remastered” versions of several Nintendo characters, as seen from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

So far, Grassetti has given his own take on five characters from the series, with Samus, Link, Fox, Bowser, and Sonic all having gotten more realistic-looking depictions from Grassetti’s drawings. You can take a look at his work below from his Instagram page, with the next character in the series to be Mewtwo from Pokemon:

While Grassetti seems to be drawing the Super Smash Bros. characters for fun, it’s still interesting to get a look at these iconic characters from the point of view of someone who worked on God of War, and his “#SmashBrosRemastered” series is surely one that Smash Bros. fans should look forward to in the coming days and weeks ahead.