God of War: Ascension Gets a New Trailer, Beta Arriving This Winter

October 23, 2012

Todd Papy (Game Director, God of War: Ascension) has announced via the PlayStation Blog that PlayStation Plus members will be able to access the beta for GOW: Ascension ‘this winter’. PS3 users who aren’t PS+ members will still have the opportunity to enter the beta, however, to do so, players must join GOW: Ascension’s ‘Rise of the Warrior’.

The Rise of the Warrior is a new social experience on GodofWar.com. You’ll live out your warrior’s journey in an epic new graphic-novel style story. You will embark on a quest for redemption that leads you toward becoming the next Champion of the Gods.

It gives you the opportunity to align with either the Spartans or the Trojans and compete via a number of social challenges to earn your army a week of exclusive early access to the Beta this winter, and 30 days of PlayStation Plus. And that’s just the first of multiple major army rewards between now and March! If an epic new God of War story and early Beta access aren’t enough for you – you’ll also be able to earn early in-game unlocks for God of War: Ascension multiplayer to get a head-start on the competition, along with exclusive multiplayer weapons and armor for everyone who rises to Champion of the Gods! So get over to GodofWar.com and start your journey in Rise of the Warrior.

Papy also shared a new multiplayer trailer for GOW: Ascension which reveals the first of four gods players will be able to align themselves with. Unsurprisingly, it’s Zeus! Take a look, below.

God of War: Ascension, developed by Sony Santa Monica will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on March 12th, 2013.

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