Baldur Gives the Finger Off-Camera After First Boss Fight in God of War

Baldur Gives the Finger Off-Camera After First Boss Fight in God of War

Baldur really doesn't like Kratos.

Video game development is wild. Especially nowadays, it is impressive the kind of worlds we can travel to at the push of a button. There are so many variables that come into play, both on-screen and off, that help delivers the best experience for the player. It really is remarkable. What is more remarkable is when developers add goofy easter eggs you would probably never see, like when Baldur actually gives Kratos the finger off-camera after the first boss fight in God of War.

Warning: There will be spoilers for a two-year-old game. If you have not played God of War, please do so. It’s very very good.

Youtuber Lance McDonald, who has a plethora of videos unearthing some wild secrets you would not normally see in a video game, found this hilarious discovery after successfully hacking God of War‘s camera. In a Twitter thread, he shows the first boss fight in Sony Santa Monica Studio‘s critically acclaimed game from angles we have never seen. One such scene, which can be viewed above, shows Kratos pushing a seemingly dead Baldur off a cliff. As he falls, McDonald has the camera follow Baldur, which we get a nice close-up of him giving Kratos a couple of fingers.

Besides the goofy easter egg, it is really interesting seeing the tricks Sony Santa Monica Studio used to make this boss battle look right. In a way, it really shows how great the camera work was during scenes like this. Now, I wonder how many more goofy easter eggs are in God of War. Maybe we will find out soon enough.

God of War is available right now for PS4. You can check out our review to see what we thought of Kratos’ most recent adventure. You can snag the digital deluxe version of God of War on the PlayStation Store for $29.99.