God of War Card Game Will Launch Later This Year

The God of War: The Card Game takes players on a new but familiar adventure as you take on the role of the Norns

God of War is the gift that just keeps giving. Lately, fans have been rewarded with an awesome free dynamic God of War theme for their PS4 that is a must for all Kratos enthusiasts – although, in saying that, Cory Barlog had to go and rain on our parade by stating that the game won’t get a DLC for the titles upcoming one year anniversary. Cory had touched on this previously in saying that it quickly became too big in scope. Anyway, who needs a DLC when you can play a God of War card game?

In God of War: The Card Game, players take on the role of the Norns as they try different combinations of heroes and events in order to stop Ragnarök. Each game is a new attempt to find the right key to saving Midgard from destruction. One-to-four players must work together, embodying mighty heroes such as Kratos, Mimir, Atreus, Brok and Sindri, and Freya.

They will fight enemies and bosses that players will recognize from their time in God of War, but combined and remixed in exciting new ways, creating unique “What if…?” scenarios every time they play. If they succeed, the way forward has been secured and Ragnarök can be halted. Failure means the Norns will have to try again, as only death and destruction lay along that particular path.

The group of players will need to take on what quests to participate in, so depending on what one you complete, there could be a tasty bonus lurking in there somewhere. There are consequences though if you decide to disregard a quest so what happens next is in the player’s hands. As with many card games like this, each hero will bring an array of attributes and abilities to the table. There are also opportunities to upgrade your deck later on, so this is a good indication to be strategic with how you create your own cards.

God of War: The Card Game releases sometime in Q3 2019 – hopefully around the summer time period so keep your eyes peeled. Currently, there are no prices listed but that will be updated in due course.

God of War is available exclusively on PS4. If you have yet to experience the game for yourself, you can pick it up on Amazon right now. If you’re interested, check out the God of War Card Game trailer, below.

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