God of War Receives New Video Detailing Character Progression

God of War Receives New Video Detailing Character Progression

Upcoming PS4 exclusive God of War got a brand new video today that details character progression, and how players can adapt their playstyle from it.

PS4 exclusive God of War, the latest entry in Sony’s long-running action game series, will finally release in just eleven days. As part of the buildup to launch, the game’s developers have released several videos detailing different parts of the game, including the game’s soundtrack, Kratos’ weapon, and more. Today, another one of these videos was released, detailing progression.

In the video, Lead Gameplay Designer Jason McDonald explains how he wanted players to have the freedom to choose how they play in God of War, as it is the biggest game yet in the series. Players will be able to customize Kratos to their liking through both unique armor and upgrades.

These upgrades can do things like decrease Kratos’ attack cooldown time, make him more powerful, or make him more defensive. Kratos’ axe, the Leviathan, also has it’s own skill tree, so playes will be able to increase its power to their liking.

You can check out the new progression-focused video below. God of War is releasing exclusively on PS4 on April 20. If you want to pre-order the game for yourself, you can do so on Amazon. 

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