God of War Collection a No-No For Europe This Year

Womp, womp.  European folks reading this are probably in disgust and on the verge of writing suicide letters to their beloved ones as they ogle the treacherous headline that will haunt them throughout the year… especially as us ‘yankees’ will sit here and enjoy the fruits of ripping limbs apart as the PS3 God of War Collection makes its way into our succulent consoles in a re-mastered version of the franchise that defied just about everything in Greek mythology.  For those of you who’re just interested in reading what I’m saying and throwing “fuck you’s” at my direction, the God of War Collection, slated to release in North America this holiday season, won’t be releasing this year in Europe.

For those of you who have been napping under that warm rock of yours, the PS3 God of War Collection includes the first two PS2 games in the series remastered at 720p with the addition of trophies for those of us who enjoy impressing our fellow gamers with big numbers.

For you Euros banging your tables and shouting “Why?!?,” worry not.  We’re pretty confident that the upcoming collection won’t be region locked (like that majority of the games).  Unless you’re actually a big supporter of your local game store and can hold off, most of you should probably research importers and get your game that way.  Because, I promise you, once I get my hands on this baby, I will definitely tease you all with my egregious writing and maybe even record myself eagerly laughing mischievously as I play the collection.  Jordan, my good man, I feel for you.  Now come give me a hug!

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Yaris Gutierrez

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