Rumor: God of War: Collection Has Been Delayed

Rumor: God of War: Collection Has Been Delayed

While rummaging through GameStop’s website and looking ahead for what was coming for us in 2010, we stumbled upon a little surprise that might just upset a couple of God of War fans. Well, at least those who were  expecting God of War: Collection next month, that is.

As per GameStop, God of War: Collection will be shipping on March 6, 2010. Why the sudden push? We have no clue, but bet your butt we will be contacting folks left and right to get some answers and to confirm on this sudden stealthy delay.


For those of you who aren’t aware, God of War: Collection is the remastered version of both God of War and God of War II for the PlayStation 2. When I say “remastered,” I mean 720p resolution (HD, for the not so intelligent folk), high-res textures, and all that nifty stuff that will make the game look sweet on your HD set. What better way to re-experience – or experience for the first time, if you’ve never played the series – than going through it with pleasing high-def visuals. If you thought the originals looked good, get ready to have your eyes orgasm for the first time.

I know how you guys are feeling, believe me. The Collection was so close and, just like that, it’s gone – the remastered HD edition of the original PlayStation 2 series, gone… Well, at least it’s only a couple of months awa– Never mind. That’s not even a good thing.


The rumor has been debunked and proven false. It was an error on GameStop’s behalf, and the issue with the release date has now been fixed.