God of War: Dev Explains What Keeps the Valkyries Behaviours Unique

God of War (2018) is one of PlayStation’s greatest hits and there are many reasons for its popularity but those Valkyrie boss fights are certainly up there with some of the greatest battles of all time.

Along with its meaningful and intense storyline, God of War‘s boss fights is something that still has players talking three years from its release. One of the hardest but most satisfying challenges in the game is going up against the Valkyries.

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Respawn Entertainment Design Director Jason de Heras, explains and gives us a step by step guide on how the Valkyries perform in the game as well as compare the unique behaviours between Gunnr, Kara and Geirdriful.

How do Valkyries in God of War provide the player unique challenges?

In a tweet over on Twitter, de Heras explains the entire operation in a tread. According to him, the main ingredient in what makes the Valkyries so challenging to the player is their combat combinations.

Basically, the Valkyries change their attack roles to force the player into relearning familiar gameplay mechanics throughout the intense battle. By using Valkyries Gunnr, Kara and Geirdriful as case models, de Heras discussing how each one encourages the player to use, for example, their axe throw or if they will need to parry.

Each Valkyrie prompts a unique response in the player whether they know it or not. The entire breakdown explampation thread is very interesting and offers an insight into another world of game design that many of us don’t think about while playing games.

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As of now, we still have no title yet for the unnamed sequel to God of War but, as it stands, it is still slated down to happen this year, apparently. To keep yourself occupied until whenever it does launch, check out the God of War: Fallen God comic.

If you have no idea what all the fuss is about, God of War is available exclusively on PS4 and you can pick up a physical copy from Amazon right now.

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