God of War Director's Brilliant Meltdown Against The Last of Us Director During BAFTA Game Awards Voting

As the BAFTA Game Awards 2020 pits The Last of Us against God of War, Cory Barlog goes into a Twitter the best way.

With the BAFTA Game Awards heading our way on April 2, voting has been taking place to drum up the last two games in line for the award. The two finalists are Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, and SIE Santa Monica Studio’s God of War. However, the last stint in the voting process has found the director of God of War go a bit doolally. (Don’t worry, it’s all in jest.)

Straight out of the gates, Cory Barlog shares the official BAFTA tweet asking how people can pit the two games against one another because the studios are family. However, Barlog tries to push votes towards the 2018s God of War by claiming that the game…uses more teraflops than 2013s The Last of Us.

Cory Barlog then starts to drive an intense campaign against Neil Druckmann, one of the directors of The Last of Us and the upcoming The Last of Us Part 2He flat out accuses Druckmann of killing kittens, and that a vote for The Last of Us is a vote for the death of a kitty cat.

Of course, Druckmann decided to take a powerful approach by simply retweeting Barlog with “FINISH HIM!” enticing those Druckman fans (Druckies?) to go forth and dogpile on Barlog. The heart emoji added to the obvious joke.

This is where Barlog twigged it. “…is it on?” he replied, “OH, I THINK IT IS.” Once again, Barlog brings up teraflops, saying that during the development of God of War, they questioned adding “one more” teraflop to the game because “they” —referencing Naughty Dog— didn’t. Slowly, the director of the “Boy!” game started throwing around accusations about Druckmann,

These accusations escalated. One claims that Druckmann “washed delicate items on the towel setting.” and that while the team that created The Last of Us are “crazy talented” not one of them apparently owns a “t-shirt with one of those prints on it that makes it look like you are super ripped.”

In his crazy rage tweet sesh, Barlog seems to give away some insider knowledge, claiming that Druckmann hadn’t finished his game with a “homemade controller made of bananas and coconuts like EVERY self respecting PlayStation developer does.” However, Barlog claims to use one made from organic bananas and humanely harvested coconuts.

Bruce Straley, director of The Last of Us, also comes into the firing line with Barlog saying that “one time he was asked about a thing that EVERYONE universally loved and he responded, “Yeah…it was OK, man.” Barlog never elaborates on what this universal thing was. However, I’m sure it was something like Beyblades or something.

Barlog goes on, claiming Troy Baker forgot who he was a week after working with him. He says that Druckmann used his coding skills to “hack an EASY MODE into Sekiro

And yes, of course Barlog has a quote from Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, once the headmaster of the very real wizarding school called Hogwarts. The quote, “I voted for God of War, before my untimely death at the hands of Hans Gruber, because ‘The Last of Us’ simply has too many t’s in it’s name. No game should have that many t’s in the name. Vote GOW. Oh, and spoiler alert.” According to Wikipedia, Dumbledore died in 1997, so I imagine Barlog is probably lying here.

There’s also a “we did it first” tweet that claims that the 2018 God of War came out before The Last of Us which launched in 2013.

Barlog does seem to give us an insight into the possible underlying reason for this tweet session. It seems that he’s holding a grudge against both Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin because neither one of them attended Barlog’s season finale watch party of The Bachelor.

Another attack on Druckmann comes in the form of character design which also reveals Druckmann’s pitch outfit. It’s also revealed that God of War’s Sindri was based on the Naughty Dog director and was originally going to wear the pitch outfit while talking about “ludo-narrative dissonance,” but they chose to cut those from the game.

What did Neil Druckmann have to say to all of this? Well, nothing. He kind of looks like he left the conversation leaving Barlog to shout into the void. It’s lovely to see some fun rivalry taking place, and hopefully documenting this gives you some brightness to your day during these times of lockdown-blues.

At current, the British Academy Game Awards 2020 have the vote open for another 7 hours. The Last of Us is currently in the lead with 60.6% of 26,834 votes, while God of War, despite Barlog’s campaign against the opposing director, sits at 39.4%.

The BAFTA Game Awards will be taking place on April 2, 2020, at 7.30pm BST / 11:30am PT.

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