God of War Director Teases Potential Sequel in Hidden Message

Over on Twitter, Cory Barlog, the game director of 2018's God of War, has been teasing what could be a potential sequel.

June 9, 2019

Some fans have found a tease from Cory Barlog, the game director of 2018’s God of War, that could be hinting some information about a potential sequel.

Over on Reddit, u/Kayfriso discovered that Cory’s pinned tweet back in April of this year points toward a thread of connected tweets. Most of those are filled with him reminiscing about the development cycle on God of War for PS4. But, if you were to look a little closer, you might discover something a little more then just his fond memories.

If you combine the first letter of all his tweets in the thread, the phrase “Ragnarok is Coming❤” is spelled out. This is the same phrase used in the dynamic theme that was released for the game’s one year anniversary. For those of you who might be a little unfamiliar what Ragnarok is, it is essentially the apocalypse in Norse mythology.


While a sequel to God of War is not surprising, I mean the very end of the game left us on a pretty hefty cliff hanger, it is still pretty cool how Sony Santa Monica and Cory Barlog have been teasing the next game.

God of War is currently available for PS4 and has become one of the best exclusive games on the market. To top that off, the game has sold over 10 million copies, making it one of the best selling PS4 titles. If you still haven’t gotten around to playing it and are still a bit skeptical, make sure to check out DualShockers’ review of the game right here.

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