God of War Fan Art Features Atreus as a Grown Man

Once a Boy and now a Man, artist Sam Yang captures Atreus from God of War in this incredible piece of fan art.

When we last saw Atreus, he was clinging to the hip of his father, Kratos, in the 2018 series reboot, God of War. Still only a child but slowly discovering his powers, Atreus constantly looked for his father’s approval and more times than not, was disappointed with Kratos’ cold responses and his referral to him as “Boy”. If you have ever wondered what Atreus would look like years on from when you last saw him, wonder no more as Sam Yang captures Atreus as a fully grown man – beard and all!

Sam Yang, who does a bunch of brilliant digital paintings in photoshop, takes on the son of Kratos and Laufey and also the deuteragonist of God of War. From Sam’s God of War fan art we see Atreus just as tall as his father and sporting a rather stylish beard. We also notice that his eyes are lit up blue which may be an indicator that he’s calling Jörmungandr and also a new tattoo of sorts covering his right temple. We know that Atreus had a scar that went across his left eye and cheek but there’s no sign of it in Sam’s concept art. Hovering in the background is an older Kratos who almost looks like he’s haunched slightly over due to age while his magnificent beard has now turned white.

God of War is bound to get a sequel in the future, there’s so much of the story left to be told and hopefully then, we can see an older, stronger, and more powerful Atreus take the reins – just like how Sam’s image depicts. You can check out more of Sam’s work over on his Instagram where you’ll be able to browse through some amazing pieces that include the likes of Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, Ciri from The Witcher 3 and Ellie from The Last of Us Part 2.

For those wanting to play God of War on PC, there was some news last month regarding this topic. Following some new changes surfacing on the PlayStation website, we saw that the U.S. version of the official PlayStation website no longer contains the “Only On Playstation” for God of War. This, of course, could mean many different things but as we have seen of late Sony is clearly intending to bring more of its first-party published titles to PC, even if it doesn’t mean God of War at this time.

God of War is available now exclusively on PS4. If you have yet to experience the game for yourself, you can pick up the game right now over on Amazon.

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Rachael Fiddis

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