God of War Fan Art Project Presents Atreus As You’ve Never Seen Him Before

God of War Fan Art Project Presents Atreus As You’ve Never Seen Him Before


There’s something very special about 2018’s God of War. It’s not merely the incredibly well-done narrative or the Norse mythology entangled world that makes Sony Santa Monica Studio’s last big title a thrilling experience for players; it’s also how human-like these gods can actually be and how we, at some level, can relate to them. Take Atreus, for example, who constantly wants to please his father Kratos and as children, as well as adults, this is something we can identify with to some degree.

But how does Atreus’s relationship change with his father and the world around him as he gets older? That question might be answered in God of War‘s next installment but, for now, and thanks to an extremely talented artist, Atreus is all grown up and almost as bad-ass looking as his old man.

Over on Artstation, Rodrigo Idalino a Senior concept artist at Aquiris game studio has been inspired by God of War so much, that he decided to undertake a project that has seen him wanting to recreate Atreus as an adult. This isn’t the first time that an artist has taken on an older Atreus but because fan art is so unique, there’s always something new and exciting to see. In Idalino’s God of War project, he has called God of War Heritage, we see the artist incorporating Norse as well as Celtic elements into Atreus’s design model. Also wanting to reflect on the struggles he has been going through, Idalino gave the art design a darker look, too.


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As you look over the images, you’ll also see Idalino has done some amazing designs on the Blades of Valhalla. He says that “They are a strong God of War symbol, so I challenged myself to do a Norse version of the blades.” I particularly love how Idalino has taken the young and innocent face of the Arteus we know and has gradually merged it into a strong, young man ready to take on the world and whatever else gets in his way.

You can check out Rodrigo Idalino’s art design on his Artstation page. I think it goes without saying that he’s an exceptionally talented artist.

Players will be able to experience the next God of War entry at some stage this year on the PS5. If you have yet to experience the latest God of War for yourself, it’s available exclusively on PS4 and you can pick it up from Amazon right now.