God of War Fan Pulls Off Incredible Valkyrie Cosplay

Check out this amazing Valkyrie cosplay from God of War that’ll make you want to jump into the game straight away!

When it comes to boss fights in Sony Santa Monica’s God of War (2018), Geirdriful is one of the hardest to face in a battle. These cursed servants of Odin certainly give players a run for their money.

In honour of this magnificent God of War enemy, one cosplayer decided to take on the winged creature in a fantastically intricate cosplay design.

Valkyrie Geirdriful

Just in case this is your first time coming across Geirdriful, allow me to give you a brief summary of this particular Valkyrie:

Geirdriful, whose name means “Spear-flinger”, is one of nine Valkyries in God of War. Corrupted by a curse from Odin, Geirdriful and her sisters take on a physical form, which is an unnatural state to Valkyries, that then drives them insane and the only way to free them from the torture is to destroy their bodies.

One of the reasons Geirdriful is such a tough opponent is due to her ability to misdirect and allude Kratos in fog and sneaky moves aided by those huge wings.

To see those incredible wings in action, check out Reddit user Skathi-c as she showcases her intimating Geirdriful cosplay that took her four months to design and craft.

As you can see, the beautifully made gold and red wings stretch at least double the size of the cosplayer and can almost touch either side of the room.

Geirdriful’s armour design in God of War is based on an owl in which Skathi-c has done a brilliant job at replicating in her cosplay. Just in case you are wondering if those wings actually work – yes they do!

“They do fold, but this is done manually when I want to store or transport them.” says Skathi-c “I didn’t build motors in the wings cause they make it way more heavy and uncomfortable.”

If you have no idea what all the fuss is about, God of War is available exclusively on PlayStation right now.

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