God of War Hits PS3 This Holiday With Trophies

By Yaris Gutierrez

August 31, 2009

With the announcement of God of War III for the PS3, and the eye-fucking visuals that were shown during E3 this year, fans of the franchise cried out for a re-release of the god-killing Spartan, Kratos, to spawn his previous endeavors onto Sony’s next-gen platform (especially since the newer PS3 sku’s don’t support backwards compatibility).  Well, ladies and gentlemen, Sony has heard your cries and will be fulfilling your yelps of anguish as the third and final chapter of the God of War series slowly approaches to deliver the prequels in Blu-ray form this Christmas in the God of War Collection. The best part of the whole thing?  The series have been totally remastered.  Get a chubby yet?Being handled by the very studio who created the series, Sony Santa Monica, the new iteration of Kratos’s epic adventure to slay the gods of Olympus will now also support trophies for you whores out there who’ve been itching for a fix of mayhem and awards.  Both games will sport anti-aliased graphics running at 60 frames per second for a smoother gameplay experience.  If you’re sitting there worried about the amount of mullah you’ll need to cough up to see Kratos rip things apart in high-definition, worry no more.  The collection will be costing a meager $39.99; and for two of the greatest games that have been remastered for our next-gen pleasure, this is nothing but chump change.  Apparently, though, we aren’t the only ones excited of the news.

“We are excited today to announce God of War Collection,” said Scott Rohde, vice president, Worldwide Studios America. “Our fans spoke and we listened; thanks to our partnership with Bluepoint Games, fans and newcomers to the series can experience the epic God of War and God of War II saga in stunning 720p on PS3. This Blu-ray Disc compilation brings Kratos to PS3 even earlier than expected.”

Earlier during the year, SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) released a survey asking people what they wanted to see.  Like the rabid vultures that us God of War fans are, the majority of us responded with the answer “God of War Collection.”  And Sony sure as hell heard that request.  This, my friends, is a lesson that a lot of developers can learn from.  Take successful franchises from previous generations with an avid fan base, and re-release it in a re-mastered version to give those people a constant erection. *cough* Square-Enix *cough* Final Fantasy VII *cough*  Erherm… I should probably get myself checked out.

Will I be getting this collection? Um. Heck yea.  This is a great opportunity for those of you who haven’t experienced one of the greatest games of our time to run out and pick this treasure up. For those of you who have already played this, wouldn’t it be nice to own again?  In a remastered high-def way with trophies that you know you’ll be spending countless hours trying to get? Yep.

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