God of War III DLC Plans Already in the Works

It seems that Kratos will receive the ever so popular DLC treatment in the next installment of the God of War franchise. Now before you GoW fans get your panties in a bunch in fear that this means the game will have a tacked on and watered down multiplayer component, because it won’t. No the DLC that will be available for the ghost of sparta will be something along the lines as the extras found in Batman Arkham Asylum. Two words: challenge rooms! GoW III’s game director, Stig Asmussen says that these challenge rooms will be released, to keep people playing after they tear through the 10-20 hour campaign. And it won’t just be wave after wave of enemies either as they will try to incorporate actual challenges.

“For example, now that you have creatures you can ride, maybe we’ll put in a challenge where in a certain amount of time you have to get on a Cyclops and kill a certain number of enemies in a certain amount of time. Or, maybe you have to use the Cyclops to get through a certain type of hazard or area or something like that”

My biggest question is: will trophies be unlockable in the challenge rooms? it would be awesome that if for whatever reason you couldn’t get ridiculous combo trophies while playing the story (because you know there will be some obscene “get 500hit combo” trophy or something like that) that it could then be done later on in the challenge room. Come on Santa Monica Studios don’t let me down and give me a reason to stop playing Uncharted, PLEASE!

(Via Gamepro)

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