God of War III E3 Demo Impressions

God of War III E3 Demo Impressions

One word to describe it…


It’s fantastic.


Gameplay, is as always in a GoW game, amazing action. From running the Blades of Chaos into an harpy then ripping it in half as you jump to the next or ripping out a Cyclops’s eye, the standard GoW formula is ever-present and excellent. The last section is a set piece where Kratos uses the Icarus Wings to ascend through a cavern, which was amazingly well done. It was one of the last things I expected, to see Kratos fly, literally hundreds of feet in the air. Throughout the entire demo I was on the edge of my seat, oblivious to my surroundings…I missed a call that I never heard. That’s how much I was enjoying this demo. Additionally, they re-did the quick time event button display to correspond to the controller more. An example, you are fighting a 2 headed beast with a serpent for a tail, you enter the quick time event, instead of flashing X in the middle of the screen, it’s at the bottom of the screen and lights up the entire bottom of the screen, for square it does the same thing except to the left, and the same for triangle and O. I thought that was a nice addition and really helps you focus on what is happening on screen as opposed to staring at a spot waiting for a button to pop up.

The colours, Duke! THE COLORS!

Graphics, Oh my lord, the graphics. I would say they’re definitely on par with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves or even better. The lighting effects are insane, in one section you’re walking through a secret cavern and you’re attacked. The only light is from the blades of chaos as you swing them around attempting to rip your enemies in half. Also, there is one part where you have to open a huge door with large statues next to it, which stands out to me because the scene looks bloody amazing! Honestly, if there was a high def screenshot, I would frame it because it looks like a piece of art.

Sounds. Definitely damn good, to the wet slapping sound of the Cestus smashing into someone’s skull to the war-crazed yells of the Ghost of Sparta the sound is right there. I was impressed with the very well done sound effects. The original soundtrack pieces featured in the demo were amazingly poignant and fit right in with the realm of God of War

Honestly, this is one of the best demos I have ever played. It lasted around 20 minutes and I enjoyed every single minute of it. It left me wanting more, with the feeling that March is years away. Hopefully Dante’s Inferno and Bayonetta will hold me over until March, because that is when THERE WILL ONLY BE CHAOS!