God of War III Event Coverage by HipHopGamer

on March 1, 2010 9:39 PM
God of War III Event Coverage by HipHopGamer

Yeah, that just happened. DualShockers and HipHopGamer together at last. Or as N4G would call us "The Video Game Axis of Evil"

Check out the latest episode from the HipHopGamerShow by, well… the HipHopGamer. In the latest insallment Mr. HipHop, or is it Mr. Gamer? Either way, he also had  the privilege of attending the same God of War III preview event in LA as our very own golden boy Evan Velez. While there he got a chance to chat with the game’s director, Stig Asmussen to talk about Krato’s upcoming big dance. There’s also a review for Dante’s Inferno, as well as some talk about Sony’s upcoming plans for E3. Give it a watch and make sure to check out this weeks ShockCast as Mr.HipHopGamer and Mr. Velez talk all about last weeks event and make Yaris incredibly jealous.

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