God of War III PS4 Devs Confirm 60 FPS; "It Looks Gorgeous;" DualShock 4 Makes it More Compelling

March 20, 2015

Today Sony Santa Monica is hosting an speed run event of the God of War franchise on Twitch, and they’re also giving some interesting information about the newly announced God of War III: Remastered for PS4.

Earlier during the livestream it was mentioned that the team targeted 60 frames per second for the game, but looks like God of War III: Remastered is not just targeting the much demanded frame rate, but it achieves it, as mentioned by Director of Product Development Tim Moss.

I’ve been playing it a lot, because I’ve been working on it. It’s pretty damn good.

It definitely looked pretty good in 2010. We always have unhooked frame rate on all of our games. one of the God of War things is we never lock it to 30 and we always hope that everything is gonna get optimized to run at 60 even when we release it, but now of course on the PS4 it really does run at 60, and it’s an amazing game. It really is.

Moss also mentioned that the remastered graphics and frame rate aren’t the only good things about the upcoming re-release:


The PS4 controller is a lot better than the PS3 controller. The sticks are better, the bitton are better, and that I think makes God of War 3 a more compelling game for me.

Senior Technical Artist Richard Greenspan then expressed his appreciation for the looks of the game:

It’s the same game but it really does look gorgeous.

Moss confirmed once more that 60 frames per second is how the game was meant to be played to begin with:

It’s a game that’s meant to be played at 60, really, so it’s very nice.

Interestingly, Moss also explained the reason behind one of the interesting changes on Kratos’ character design made during development. As many know, very close to the release of the first game his tattoos were changed from blue to red.

The reason behind that choice is actually very simple: the team found out that the blue tattoos made Kratos too similar to another character, while Moss didn’t specify who he was talking about.

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