God of War III Remastered Pre-Order Bonus Availability and More Clarified; “Feels Very Smooth on PS4”

God of War III Remastered Pre-Order Bonus Availability and More Clarified; “Feels Very Smooth on PS4”

Today Sony Computer Entertainment showcased a new trailer of God of War III: Remastered and opened pre-orders. Sony Santa Monica Community Strategist Aaron Kaufman took to the comments of the North American blog post to clarify a few points:

First of all, differently from other games that offer themes as pre-order bonuses exclusively on the PSN, the one offered for God of War III: Remastered will also be available at retailers:

“The theme is a retail pre-order as well. Players will get the code when they pick up on 7/14.”

In fact, the theme is listed among the pre-order bonuses on GameStop as well.

Unfortunately the 90-day rentals for God of War I and II on PlayStation Now will be available only in North America:

“The PS Now rentals are a PSN exclusive pre-order and only apply to US & CAN (other regions do not have PS Now)”

Kaufman also explained why Sony has chosen 90 days for the rentals:

“We want to give PS4 fans who never played God of War, added incentive to play God of War 3 by playing the originals. It’s a great value-add for fans who never played, and 90 days is easily enough time to complete both.”

We also get the promise of a video to see the theme coming with pre-orders in action:

Yes, we will. It will be up soon, agreed with you completely. We do have a video of the Anniversary theme, we will do the same here.

The PlayStation Store listing for the game includes a stray multiplayer mention:

*Online multiplayer also requires a PlayStation®Plus subscription.
1080p HD Video Output
Online Play (Optional)

Kaufman clarified that it’s indeed just a mistake, and it will be removed. There will not be any multiplayer added to the game for this release:

That is a description error. We will have that removed. There is no online play in God of War 3, however, God of War: Ascension does have a very active core multiplayer still running like the boots of Hermes. We recommend you give that a spin for sure.

One of the users mentioned a problem with slightly less responsive controls on the PS3 version, but Kaufman promised that everything is smooth on PS4.

Everything feels very smooth on the PS4, it’s definitely worth experiencing again