God of War is Actually Making PC Players Buy A PlayStation 5

January 25, 2022

God of War has managed to be one of the biggest releases by PlayStation on PC, and it seems like fans just can’t get enough of the game.

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While other games like Horizon Zero Dawn did extremely well in their launch week as well, God of War is the only game that has stayed on top in the second week as well. And it seems like it’s making players buy a console as well.

God of War is Actually Making PC Players Buy A PlayStation 5

While games like Horizon Zero Dawn were pretty good as well, the number of issues that the game had at launch affected its reception to quite an extent. However, that is not the case with God of War. PC players have just heaped praises on the game, and are starting to show their interest in other exclusives as well.

One of the reviews on Steam reads, “F*** this game, The price on Steam says that the game is only $49.99 but that’s a lie, it’s going to cost me over $600 total because I’m literally forced to buy a PS5 and God of War Ragnarok now.” In fact, there are several other reviews as well that share a similar response as well.

It seems like Sony’s strategy to bring some of the older Playstation exclusives is working quite well, to say the least. The fact that these PC ports are making people buy a PS5 while being profitable at the same time is something that Sony would have exactly intended to do.

Now, fans want a Bloodborne PC port, which is something that has been amidst rumors for a long time now. It’d make sense for Sony to release it closer to the launch of a sequel if that is actually in development. Whether the rumors actually turn out to be true remains to be seen.

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