God of War Multiplayer DLC Unlocked Until Sunday For “Preview Extravaganza”

on July 3, 2013 3:27 PM

While God of War: Ascension players wait patiently for the 1v1 “Bout of Honor” mode, Santa Monica Studio are celebrating the Fourth of July with an “Arsenal of the Gods” Preview Extravaganza, unlocking all DLC weapons in-game until Sunday.

Available now, players can jump in and try out all 11 DLC weapons for free, including the latest Titanic Hammers, Weapons of Judgement, and more (which you can view below). Also, all experience/leveling gained with a weapon will be retained if the weapon is purchased after the event. The list includes:

  • Spear of Phobos
  • Spear of Hyperion
  • Hammer of Atlas
  • Hammer of Hephaestus
  • Blade of Thanatos
  • Blade of Artemis
  • Mjolnir Hammer
  • Blade of Judgment
  • Mercenary Blade
  • Champions Hammer
  • Champions Blade

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[via the PlayStation Blog]

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