God of War PC FOV Mod Makes Baldur Fight Even More Epic

January 16, 2022

God of War recently made its way to PC, and as one might expect, we have started receiving a number of mods that tweak the gameplay experience to quite an extent.

It’s been a while since God of War was released on PlayStation, and it still remains to be one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. The game took a new direction altogether, and it did turn out to be quite a success. The game was based on Norse mythology, and we witnessed a lot of familiar names making their debut in the game.

With its release on PC, the game has managed to surpass all expectations. The previous few releases on PC weren’t the best from Sony’s standpoint, as the games were not well optimized. However, that was not the case with God of War, as the game has been running quite well on PC.


God of War PC FOV Mod Makes Baldur Fight Even More Epic

Now if you have a PC, you might be well aware of the power of mods. That is what the PC community is known for, and we had already started seeing memes of what could happen if God of War was released on PC, starting off with Atreus turning into the adorable little Baby Yoda. However, there are some actually good mods as well, that enhance the experience quite a bit.

There is a new mod that allows players to tweak the FOV using Cheat Engine, and that gives a whole new experience in the game. A video by
DEAFPS showcases the mod in action during the Baldur boss fight. While there are some glitches here and there with scripted scenes, the normal gameplay sequences work pretty well. The boss fight is pretty well designed, so witnessing the action from a wider angle takes the experience to a whole new level.

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