This Poor Soul Got God of War PS2 Instead of God of War PS4 for Christmas

While this holiday story of a God of War switcharoo gone wrong seems unhappy at first, don't worry -- there is a Christmas miracle at the end.

December 26, 2018

As one of the most highly-acclaimed games of 2018 (and the winner of DualShockers‘ own Game of the Year Awards), it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that God of War might end up on a few Christmas wish lists to unwrap from under the Christmas tree, though one story seems (at first) to have an unfortunate end.

In one Reddit user’s video (posted on r/Videos by VDB65), the timeless Christmas tale of getting that long-awaited Christmas gift that you wanted takes a bit of a turn when the poster’s brother inadvertently was gifted a copy of the original, PS2-era God of War in place of this year’s revival of the series, God of War on PS4.


Honestly: who can blame their mother for the mixup? Two similar games with the same title, starring the same character is hardly the easiest thing to tell apart for most people that don’t play games on the regular.

However, while all seemed lost, thankfully the next twist is the fact that the whole thing was a ruse, and the poster’s brother ended up getting what he wanted in the form of this year’s God of War. Who says that Christmas miracles aren’t a thing?

Ryan Meitzler

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