PS4 Exclusive God of War Gets New Concept Art, Focusing on Winter

God of War is nearing closer to its Winter launch on PS4, and PlayStation has a new pack of snowy concept art to showcase it.

August 30, 2017

PlayStation decided to be a bit literal on the term “cryptic puzzles” — offering new God of War concept art as a reward, Sony put a bunch of ancient runes on Twitter with a simple goal: decode them.

After someone was able to decode the message as “Höðr’s Wicked Bite” (spoiler alert, it was me) PlayStation delivered on the brand new God of War concept art. Seen in the gallery below, the new art appears to focus on wights, zombies, or some sort of frozen hordes. In the background of one of the images you can see a colossal set of legs — perhaps the Höðr’s from the riddle.


For anyone out of the loop on their Norse mythology, Höðr’s is a blind god who is the brother of Baldr and the son of Odin. With this in mind, Höðr’s tends to personify either darkness or cold — in this case, a god of cold makes more sense going along with “Wicked Bite.”

Along with the quick image of the God, we can see a fairly-terrifying shrouded enemy who Kratos is shielding Atreus as well as new art of a snow-covered temple. Just as a reminder, this is all concept art — whether these things or gods will show up in the game is relatively unknown.

God of War is the series’ PS4 reboot, coming to PlayStation 4 in Early 2018. Check out the concept art below:

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