God of War Fan Creates Incredible Animatronic Mimir Head

God of War Fan Creates Incredible Animatronic Mimir Head

Get a look at this stunning animatronic recreation of The Smartest Man Alive from God of War.

It has been nearly two years since God of War launched, but it seems that the game is still resonating quite a bit with fans. So much so, in fact, that now, one of the most incredible fan creations associated with God of War has now come about.

As shared recently on YouTube, someone has now created a fully operational animatronic head that resembles Mimir from God of War. The model, which was created by Bar-El Studio, looks exactly like The Smartest Man Alive’s character from the game does. It also features a moveable mouth, eyes, and comes attached with a rope tied to Mimir’s horns so that you can carry him around just as Kratos does.

You can check out the video showing the animatronic Mimir in action right here:

It’s really stunning the level to which Bar-El Studio has gone to make this version of Mimir resemble his in-game counterpart. Not only do his eyes glow with the same golden-orange hue that we see in God of War, but this model also has the same Nordic runes inscribed upon his forehead. It’d be a cool collector’s item to have for sure if you’re a big fan of God of War. Unfortunately, I don’t think this item is for sale and it definitely seems to be one-of-a-kind. You’re more than welcome to try to make your own, though.

If you want to see more of the process behind how Bar-El Studio went about creating this Mimir head, you can check out their official Instagram page. As for God of War, the game is currently available exclusively on PS4. A sequel will almost certainly arrive down the road for the forthcoming PS5.