God of War to Receive 4K/60FPS Enhanced PS5 Patch Tomorrow

God of War to Receive 4K/60FPS Enhanced PS5 Patch Tomorrow

The holy grail of patches is coming!

Sony Santa Monica’s 2018 reboot of the God of War franchise was one of the PS4’s most beloved titles. The story of Kratos and his son resonated with fans and the slick and satisfying gameplay was lauded by all. As part of the PS5 announcement trailer, Santa Monica Studios announced a sequel to the game, tentatively titled God of War: Ragnarok for release this year. Now, to tide fans over until that releases, it’s been confirmed that the reboot is being upgraded.

A Santa Monica Studios blog post confirmed that tomorrow, February 2, 2018’s God of War will be receiving a free patch. The patch “replaces the current video graphics mode option with a new default setting that will offer the best of both performance and resolution to our PlayStation 5 players!” The update will be coming to the PlayStation Plus Collection version of the game too.

Within the post, Santa Monica Studios confirms that the new patch will allow players to play the game in 4K Checkerboard Resolution at a silky smooth 60 frames per second. Something which many fans have been crying out for. Should players choose to, they can select the Original Performance Experience setting, to play the game as it was on PS4.

God of War: Ragnarok is set to be one of the PS5’s biggest releases this year, should it hit its release date. The game scooped up DualShockers’ Most Anticipated Game in the fan vote during last year’s game of the year awards.

Unsurprisingly, we scored the original game a 10/10 in our official God of War review, saying: “Ultimately, God of War is the perfect example of how it’s possible to revolutionize a beloved series while improving it massively, in a way that does not feel unnatural.”