God of War Ragnarok Reddit Fan Shares Amazing Handmade Kratos Vase

New God of War handicraft!

April 6, 2022

God of War fan makes a perfect vase recreating ancient Greece art as we wait for news from Santa Monica regarding the release of Ragnarok.

God of War, nearly two decades after the series’ beginning on PS2, is still one of the most popular action games of all time in the industry, and its fans always manage to find new ways to show their appreciation. Handicraft is one of the many ways the fandom keeps on retelling the adventures of Kratos, now accompanied with his son Atreus, sharing with each other their latest works on social media and Reddit.


Reddit User _Azweape_ Shares Amazing God of War Handmade Amphora Vase

Over on r/GodofWar, one of the series’ fans has recreated an Amphora, a ancient Greece vase, with Kratos wielding his iconic swords on one of its sides. _Azweape_ also explained the creation process on the thread, explaining they “3D modeled and printed the vase then molded it, so fiber resin can be used, with painting technique used for the ceramic look”. Check out the final result below!

You could actually get a similar vase for yourself

It’s also important to note that _Azweape_ is selling their handmade work via their Etsy account. All units of this one Kratos vase were already sold, for $75 each. They regularly sell similar handmade merch, and could make similar vases soon, so you should definitely bookmark their page and keep it close if you’d like a similar handicraft to fall into your possessions.

Fans are Patiently Waiting for the Final Clash with the Norse Gods

God of War Ragnarok will end the new Norse mythology arc that started with God of War 2018, but still has no release date yet. Some of the fanbase believe the sequel will be delayed to 2023. However, Santa Monica has reiterated several times that God of War Ragnarok is still coming to PS4 and PS5 in 2022. What are your thoughts on the vase, and what are your expectations for Ragnarok? Let me know in the comments below!

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