God of War Sequel's Mocap Work is Potentially Being Done Right Now

A new tweet from one of Santa Monica Studio's animators could hint that the sequel to God of War is in production right now.

It’s obvious to pretty much everyone that God of War is bound to get a sequel at some point. While we haven’t heard a peep about the inevitable God of War 2 (or technically, God of War 5) just yet, it seems as though the game could definitely be well into production at this point based on some new information.

As seen recently over on Twitter, Santa Monica Studio’s narrative animator Kim Newman shared a picture of themselves in a motion capture suit. “Feels good to be back in the suit,” said Newman’s caption on the photo. If you’re unfamiliar with what this is, it’s an outfit that actors wear when recording cinematics for video games.

While Newman didn’t say why she was wearing this mocap suit specifically, it stands to reason that it could be because motion capture work on the next God of War game is being done right now. Even though Newman could’ve been wearing the suit for a variety of different reasons, it’s easy to infer that if one of the primary animators at the studio is working with one of these suits, there’s likely a bigger reason as to why. As such, assuming that the next God of War game is in production is pretty a logical conclusion to draw.

Still, this image could have nothing to do with God of War whatsoever, so take this all with a grain of salt. Heck, Santa Monica Studio could be working on something entirely different from God of War right now that we just aren’t aware of.

As of now, there’s still nothing that we know about the next God of War game other than the fact that it’s a near-certainty to arrive sometime down the road based on how well the last entry in the series sold. The forthcoming God of War sequel will almost surely be a PS5-exclusive game, so hopefully, once Sony formally lifts the veil on its next platform, we’ll start to hear and see more of what Santa Monica Studio has cooking up.

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