God of War Series ‘Fallen God’ Receives a Release Date After Delay

God of War Series ‘Fallen God’ Receives a Release Date After Delay

Dark Horse Comics has finally announced a date for the new God of War comic miniseries.

If you are eager for some Kratos action and have been missing the big guy since you rolled credits on 2018’s  God of War, fear not as you can soon pick up a brand new God of War comic series that will tell the tale between the original trilogy and the 2018 reboot. After getting delayed last year, American Comic Book and manga publisher Dark Horse Comics has now updated its God of War: Fallen God comic page with the release date, March 10, 2021.

God of War: Fallen God is a four-issue mini-series created by Chris Roberson, author of the previous God of War comic series, artist Tony Parker, colorist Dan Jackson, John Roshell, and the cover of the series by Dave Rapoza. God of War: Fallen God was originally set to be released by Dark Horse Comics back in June 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the comic was delayed to an unannounced release date. Thankfully, that date has now been revealed and excited fans will be able to get their hands on issue #1 when it launches this spring.


Over on the Dark Horse website, it tells readers a little of what they are in store with the first God of War: Fallen God comic. The description reads: “Can a man ever be free of his past? Can the tides of time ever wash away the bloody sands of sin? Or do transpired trespasses permanently and inescapably stain one’s soul? After conquering Zeus and thwarting Athena, Kratos believes himself to be finally free from his bondage. He sets sail for the desert in an attempt to distance himself from his home and his shame only to find his rage and guilt follow close behind. Kratos rages against the one foe that has proven to be unconquerable–himself. But a war against oneself is unwinnable, and only invites madness.”

The God of War: Fallen God comic series will come in four issues and is currently available for pre-order before its release on March 10, 2021, via your local comic shop for $3.99.

PlayStation head Jim Ryan has recently talked to The Telegraph on whether the next God of War installment will be available on the PS4 as well as the PS5. Unfortunately, as yet, Ryan only apologized and stated “Sorry. I’ve got nothing to say about that today,” For now, all we know is that the next installment in the series is tentatively set to release in 2021 and will for now only be coming to PS5 and if you have yet to experience the latest God of War for yourself, it’s available exclusively on PS4 and you can pick it up from Amazon right now.

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