God of War Art Director Is Sketching Nintendo Series, Starting with Star Fox

God of War Art Director Is Sketching Nintendo Series, Starting with Star Fox

God of War Art Director Raf Grassetti is taking on Fox McCloud (and friends) again in much-improved artwork of the Nintendo favorite.

Remember last year when the God of War (2019) Art Director, Raf Grasetti, was making more realistic versions of Super Smash Bros. characters? Well he is back at it again to usher in the new year, starting with characters from the Star Fox series. And if you think the Sony Santa Monica Art Director’s 2o19 sketches were amazing, you haven’t seen anything yet.

As I mentioned, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Sony Santa Monica’s Art Director tackle Nintendo characters in early 2019 following the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In fact, he had previously sketched out a realistic version of series protagonist Fox McCloud:


And while this is a great rendition of Nintendo’s signature space mammal, Grassetti’s latest take on Fox McCloud is something special:


With a more space-appropriate background, closer details on the fur, and new shading across the entire piece, Fox McCloud has never looked better.

Fans of Grassetti’s artwork should be looking forward for more to come–he has tweeted Fox with the rest of his crew, asking which one should be tackled next:


You almost want to wish for an official Star Fox game with this level of style and detail. Get on that, Nintendo.

Of course, the God of War Art Director has more on his plate that working on Kratos and Nintendo characters. If you don’t follow his Instagram, he has spent the last few weeks giving new takes on anything nerdy, be it a sack boy Atreus skin (ala LittleBigPlanet), a realistic take on Dragon Ball Z characters, or even Baby Yoda.

In God of War news, Sony Santa Monica is actively ramping up production for the sequel to PS4’s God of War, and sharing what that looks like in a brand new podcast series. It shouldn’t be long until we start hearing rumblings about the hit game’s sequel, given it is among the best-selling exclusives on the console.

If you don’t already, make sure you follow Sony Santa Monica’s Raf Grassetti on Twitter and Instagram (above) for some of his brilliant art designs. Meanwhile, check out DualShockers’ review of God of War. If you still haven’t played the game yet, you can purchase via Amazon to support us.

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