God of War Becomes Goose of War in This Hilarious Untitled Goose Game Fan Art

If this fan art is anything to go by, hopefully God of War's upcoming sequel will see things take a turn as "Goose of War."

October 3, 2019

Since its release a few weeks ago, the untitled Untitled Goose Game has quickly become a huge source of inspiration for memes and some creative fan mashups. Recently, that included some artwork that combines the Goose with The Last of Us Part II, a particularly cute video where Twitter phenomenon Alex the Honking Bird honked along to the game, and a new piece of art that imagines it as “The Goose of War.”

A piece of fan art by @BT_BlackThunder on Twitter has emerged that mashes up God of War with Untitled Goose Game, as the appropriately named “Goose of War.” Done in the style of House House’s game, the art shows the titular Goose adorned with Kratos’ signature tattoos and Leviathan Axe from 2018’s God of War, and all I can say is that now I want to see what kind of havoc the Goose can unleash with it.

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured the work of Black Thunder before, as earlier in the year we shared this fan-made poster for God of War earlier this year that envisions what the sequel might entail with the arrival of Thor and Ragnarok (at least according to the ending of the game).

Of course, it only speaks to the way that Untitled Goose Game has become a sensation on social media, with many on Twitter and elsewhere sharing their own hilarious fan art and memes that either mash up the Goose with other iconic characters, or put the Goose into some other fantastic situations. While the game launched a few weeks ago on Switch and PC, hopefully its runaway success will mean that the Goose may finally be loose on other platforms down the line.

Untitled Goose Game is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Ryan Meitzler

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