God of War’s Art Director Comments on the Titles Huge“Eyeball” Mod

January 18, 2022

Raf Grassetti humorously breaks down the art direction behind God of War’s latest PC mod.

When God of War hit PC last week, we already knew that this fantastic PlayStation title by Sony Santa Monica would be a haven for modders. Already we have seen a host of mods already taking place that includes Kratos as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas‘ iconic protagonist Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson and also the god with huge arms.

In the game’s latest interesting mod, Kratos now has a massive eyeball head that’s as sinister as it sounds. What makes it even cooler is that God of War‘s Art Director, Raf Grassetti, has commented on the mod via Twitter and gives an explanation of the work that went behind Kratos’ eyeballs.

As you probably already know, Raf Grassetti is a brilliantly talented artist who worked as a principal/lead artist for the entire production cycle for the 2018 God of War game.

Youtuber Speclizer, who you may know for their in-depth out of bounds videos of The Last of Us 2, posted a clip on Twitter showcasing the latest Kratos mod and none other than Grassetti came in to quote tweet it with a humourous break down of how the art team actually produced the eyeball animation in God of War.

“lol you can see how we handled contact shadows with the eyes, geo that didn’t cast shadows following the same spherical shape and moved with eyelid animation, also parallax to the iris is working pretty good at this scale” replied Grassetti with a laughing emoji.

God of War‘s technical production Matt DeWald told Gameinformer recently that “We didn’t add modding support. It’s not something we developed time to create tools. Everything we have is custom, so it’s really hard to build some of that stuff. But I’m sure some very smart people out there are going to do some very cool things, and we’ll see what comes of it,”

Director Cory Barlog also added in his opinion on modding within games: “Yeah, when I play games on PC, I use mods when they’re available. I think it’s cool. It’s fun.” Barlog continues “One of the cool parts of playing PC games is the feeling that other people can add something to it or improve upon it and enhance your experience.”

God of War is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC.


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