God of War’s David Jaffe Isn’t a Fan of Metroid Dread’s Design

October 15, 2021

David Jaffe, known for his contribution to the Twisted Metal and God of War franchises, has a lot of opinions about Metroid Dread’s design after a recent playthrough.

While many Metroid fans have been eagerly tucking into the latest instalment of the franchise since its release last Friday, God of War‘s David Jaffe hasn’t been having such a good time, unfortunately.

Jaffe took to YouTube to stream the game but things didn’t go too well when he ran into issues where he wasn’t sure where to go next. Frustrated, Jaffe’s viewers ended up telling him that to proceed he needed to shoot the block above him and carried on playing the game.

Metroid Dread | Another Glimpse of Dread

Metroid Dread | Another Glimpse of Dread

With this frustration obviously still playing on his mind, he later recorded a reaction video of him talking about this particular area of Metroid Dread that caused him so much aggravation. In the YouTube footage, Jaffe talked about how the game has a “s*** design” system and referred to the title as a “sacred cow”.

Taking things a little further Jaffe stated that “if this is acceptable to you then you’re a f**king moron” and also posted on Twitter stating that the developers of Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Returnal are making their games too difficult and how much he really dislikes this apparent movement.

“Kena, Metroid, Returnal; all leading the march towards super challenging games. Maybe it’s NES generation coming into their own as designers but I fucking HATE THIS shit. And it’s not an age thing; I NEVER liked it.But it wasn’t so rampant. It’s like devs WANT to push Players away.”

Naturally, Jaffe’s Twitter statement got quite a few responses with one person pointing out that within the first ten minutes of the game it tells you some blocks are destructible and to look for ways to shoot your environment.

As someone who hasn’t played Metroid Dread as yet, this particular area isn’t for me to comment on but from what I’m witnessing from players across the board is that most fans have been having a really good time in the game. What do you think about Jaffa’s comments on Dread‘s difficulty?

If you haven’t played Metroid Dread yet, it’s available now on Nintendo Switch.

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