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God of War’s Kratos Is Recreated into a Marvellous Clay Sculpture

Check out Flompydompybompy's artistic approach to the Greek god himself, Kratos.

Since God of War‘s release in 2005, many gamers have developed a slight obsession with Kratos, the “Ghost of Sparta” and all-round tough guy. The 2018 series reboot gave gamers a slightly different view of the antihero in which we saw him having survived his apparent death from releasing the power of Hope in Greece and ending up in ancient Scandinavia in the Norse realm of Midgard with his young son, Atreus. Even though he kept his cold and harsh exterior, for the first time players got to see a softer side to Kratos this time around. In honor of the Greek god, what could be more fitting than a magnificent sculpture that captures Kratos’ divine personification of strength?

Reddit user and artist Flompydompybompy (incredible name) has jumped in with their highly detailed clay model of the one and only beast of a man, Kratos. While taking some time to study the sculpture, you can see how amazingly comprehensive it is. Flompy has painstakingly added in as much as possible from Kratos’s complex facial structure over the course of 8 days that includes his eye and forehead wrinkles, his trademark scar over his right eye that was given to him by Ares, his long pointed and refined nose and, of course, that mighty beard. We can even see a protruding vein slightly popping out from his bald head.

If that’s not impressive enough, we see the Kratos’ armor crafted with the finest touch and impeccably detailed. Just take a look at his Leviathan Axe bearing several runes inscribed on the blade that grants it different powers, among them the use of ice, and the ability to recall the weapon from any distance. Many commentators on Reddit loved Flompy’s Kratos’ clay reincarnation while others commented that the size proportion was off especially in regards to his feet.  Flompy did chime in with answers to the many questions in regards to this, thankfully.

Firstly, in regards to what’s keeping the clay model of Kratos standing, Flompy stated that “The sculpture was first made with a wire skeleton, using a coat hanger. Then I added some foil to bulk up this structure to save clay. This was jabbed into a pile of foil as the base and is pretty solid. It’s more common to use a wood platform as a base.” Flompy followed this with an answer on why Kratos’ head looked a bit big compared to his legs.

“I had a reference to keep proportions correct but stupidly abandoned it after I got the wire and foil base done. Always continue to check your sculpture proportions with a reference” continuing on “After finishing his basic leg shape with clay I wanted to make him a little more muscular than he was and ended up making his torso larger than expected, then made his arms larger than they should have been because I was using the torso as reference. So now he has dwarf proportions. Don’t be cocky like me! However this leads to another tip: a lot of details can help lead attention way from glaring anatomy issues. I honestly expected far more comments pointing out the anatomy issue.”

You can check out a short clip of Kratos’ clay sculpture here to give you a better feel of the work that went into it.

At the start of the year, Sony and Santa Monica Studio released an episode of the Worlds Collide podcast, which is a deep dive into how the many elements of God of War came together to tell a rich and deep narrative. In one particular episode called “The No-Cut Camera,” we got a look at how the studio managed to pull off a single-take camera effect with no cuts. We all know that God of War director Cory Barlong is the king of witty banter on Twitter and recently, we saw him and The Last of Us director go head to head in a jokingly way by pitting the two games by claiming that God of War uses more teraflops than 2013s The Last of Us.

For those wanting to play God of War on PC, there was some news last month regarding this topic. Following some new changes surfacing on the PlayStation website, we saw that the U.S. version of the official PlayStation website no longer contains the “Only On Playstation” for God of War. This, of course, could mean many different things but as we have seen of late Sony is clearly intending to bring more of its first-party published titles to PC, even if it doesn’t mean God of War at this time.

God of War is available now exclusively on PS4. If you have yet to experience the game for yourself, you can pick up the game right now over on Amazon.

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