God of War’s “Raising Kratos” Documentary is Now Available to Watch

God of War’s “Raising Kratos” Documentary is Now Available to Watch

Get an unprecedented in-depth look at the development of God of War in this new full-length documentary.

It’s rare that we as consumers and fans get much of a behind-the-scenes look at the development of some of our favorite games. While new avenues have arisen in recent year (looking mainly at you, Noclip) it’s not typical that we can actually see some of the biggest and most interesting moments of game development as they occurred in real time.

Luckily, Sony and Santa Monica Studio are looking to change that trend with Raising Kratos, a new documentary that details and shows behind-the-scenes footage of the process of making last year’s critically acclaimed hit God of War. As of earlier today, that documentary is now available to watch in full over on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel.

Raising Kratos starts at the very beginning of God of War’s journey showing how Sony and Santa Monica Studios looked to revitalize one of PlayStation’s most popular first-party titles. Filming of the documentary occurred as far back as when development began and we get to follow the game’s journey from its initial pitch, to the casting and performances of some of God of War’s characters. Prominent members of Santa Monica Studio’s development team, most notably Cory Barlog, also appear frequently throughout the film.

Honestly, I’m just really happy that something like this exists in the first place. I’m someone who loves both learning about game development and documentaries, so I’m incredibly excited to set aside some time to watch all of this. Whoever had the idea to film all of this from the very beginning: thank you.

You can find the full feature of Raising Kratos down below. The film is nearly two hours long in total, so you might want to set aside some time if you want to watch it all in one go. I know I’ll likely be kicking back to check it out later tonight.