Here Is What God of War Looked Like in 2015 When it Was Greenlit by Sony

Here Is What God of War Looked Like in 2015 When it Was Greenlit by Sony

The God of War you'll play in 2018 is a visual masterpiece, but you can now see what it looked like three years ago, in 2015.

SIE Santa Monica Studios’ God of War looks absolutely gorgeous, but it didn’t always look like this. Today, during a launch livestream for the game, Sony Interactive Entertainment showcased what the game looked like in 2015.

The prototype footage showcased during the livestream is pretty much a “sketch” that was used by the good folks at Santa Monica to show the game to Sony, in order to get the game greenlit.

While it’s definitely much less polished visually than what we can see today in the game, certain elements definitely carried over.

It’s interesting to see many human enemies that were used as a placeholder bipedal rig, a contextual menu based on Kratos’ axe, and some rather flashy moves focused on Atreus.

You can enjoy the video below.  If you want to learn in details how we feel about this epic game, you can also check out our review. You can also enjoy videos showing the unboxing of the spiffy review kit, the first thirty minutes of gameplay on PS4 Pro, and the game’s upcoming photo mode.

God of War officially released today, April 20th, exclusively for PS4. If you haven’t purchased it yet, you can do so on Amazon.

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