God of War Gets New Trailer Showing the Mighty Trolls in All their Glory on PS4 Pro

God of War Gets New Trailer Showing the Mighty Trolls in All their Glory on PS4 Pro

One of the most interesting (and fun) aspects of God of War are the trolls, a race of unique creatures that will challenge your skill and your courage.

One of the most interesting elements of God of War is the trolls, a race of giant creatures that you’ll get to fight at various points through the game.

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment released a brand new trailer showing off exactly that.

On top of some spectacular battles rendered on PS4 Pro, we get commentary from Game Director Cory Barlog, Principal Character Artist Raphael Grassetti, and Lead Gameplay Designer Jason McDonald as they explain who the trolls are and how they fight. The intriguing fact is that they’re not just random members of their race, but they are unique individuals with names and personal fighting styles.

Incidentally, McDonald is correct. The first time I fought a troll I was definitely intimidated by his sweeping attacks that appeared to cover every angle, so I was chickening out and throwing the axe at them. It took a bit of time to get used to his moves and start getting stuck in Kratos-style. That’s part of the fun.

You can check it out below. If you want to read more of what we think about this epic game, you can check out our review. You can also enjoy spotting the differences between performance mode and resolution mode in the game in our dedicated article, and a video showing the unboxing of the spiffy review kit.

Incidentally, while the game seems to be destined to a very successful debut, development didn’t just have bright and happy moments. If you want to know more, yiu can read Barlog’s own words about one of the darkest hours.

There is still time to pre-order the physical edition of the game, which releases on April 20th exclusively on PS4. You can do so on Amazon.

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