PS4/PS Vita Exclusive God Wars Future Past Gets Details on Deep Job Class System

on April 17, 2017 1:31 PM

NIS America released new details for the upcoming strategy RPG God Wars Future Past, coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on June 20 in North America and June 16 in Europe.

The update covers the variety that each job class will have within the game. Players will get to choose a main and sub class, along with an unchangeable Unique Job.

Main Job – Determines equippable items, stat growth and distribution, and allows you to learn and use skills related to that job using Job Points.

Sub Job – Allows you to learn and use skills related to that job using Job Points.

Unique Job – Each character’s Unique Job grants them access to their own personal sets of upgradable skills.

The jobs are each split up into three different categories that include:

  • Physical Combat
  • Recovery Support
  • Offensive Spell Casting

These jobs will increase in level as the player clears stages. Following the battle, the “Job Points” and “Job Level” will increase. Job Points are used to purchase new skills for players to use in combat, while Job Level makes the chosen Job more powerful and further unlocks new jobs in the job tree. The only way to unlock Advanced and Intermediate jobs will be to level-up a specific job class.

Additionally, we get a look at three job classes:

The Samurai – An upgraded version of the Warrior and are best if used in close-range combat. If you prefer long-range combat, consider leveling up your Warrior to an Archer instead.

The Spiritualist – An upgraded from the Magician and can unleash incredibly powerful attacks, but they tend to use a large amount of MP.

The Archer – An intermediate level job that specializes in the Move and Jump stats, and also uses bows and crossbows for long-range attacks.

You can check out screenshots below:

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