PS4/PS Vita Exclusive God Wars Future Past Gets New Trailer and Character Information

By Azario Lopez

November 29, 2016

NIS America launched a new trailer and provided some updates for the Kadokawa Games developed SRPG God Wars Future Past, coming to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 in early 2017.

The trailer details the story of “a princess who defines her fate” and also shows off the characters that can be found in the game.

Furthermore, the official website has been updated to detail character information. This goes in depth on three nation’s characters and their backstories.

The publisher details the four nations:

Fuji Nation:

Kaguya – The third daughter of the Queen of Fuji, Tsukuyomi. She has a great deal of spiritual power. Under her mother’s orders, she was set to be the next sacrifice to Mount Fuji, and was confined to a shrine near the mountain. But, she sets off on a journey to discover her mother’s trues intentions for confining her.

Sakuya – The second daughter of the Queen of Fuji, Tsukuyomi, and Kaguya’s older sister. 13 years ago, she was sacrificed to the volcanic crater of Mount Fuji to prevent its eruption.

Tsukuyomi – The Queen of Fuji, and the mother of Sakuya and Kaguya. She is very kind and affectionate. 13 years ago, in order to calm the god’s rage, she offered her daughter, Sakuya, as a sacrifice at Mount Fuji’s volcanic crater. Afterward, she appointed a man name Kitsune to fill in for her and then disappeared.

Kintaro – A young man who lives in a village at the foot of Mount Fuji. He is known for his inhuman strength. He has been a childhood friend of Kaguya ever since she was confined within the bamboo seal. During a riot in the village, he rises to fulfill the promise he made to Kaguya.

Kuma – One of the Myriad Gods who has lived on Mount Fuji since ancient times. He has taken the form of a bear. He can’t speak human languages, but he has formed a strong bond with Kintaro, and they can communicate through their thoughts.

Hanasaka – One of the Myriad Gods who once served Tsukuyomi. She is very knowledgeable and despite her looks, is quite old. Sakuya’s sacrifice took a heavy toll on her, mentally, so she secluded herself at Kagamidukuribe Village.

Izumo Nation:

Ookuninushi – The eldest son of the King of Izumo, Susanoo. He’s very handsome, is a smooth talker, and is remored to be quite the ladies man. He took an interest in Kaguya, and decided to help her on her journey.

Susanoo – The King of Izumo. He is Ookuninushi’s father. He is an invincible hero who turned Izumo into a powerful nation in a single generation. Once the nation became larger, he started focusing on developing the economy and technology, rather than the military. At his current age, some people don’t think he is as strong as he once was.

Hyuga Nation:

Momotaro – The eldest son of the Queen of Hyuga, Amaterasu. A talented person who exceeds in both the literary and military arts. As the heir apparent, he garners plenty of attention. He’s full of spirit, and makes calculated decisions. His ideal nation is a centralized nation.

Amaterasu – The Queen of Hyuga. She is Momotaro’s mother. As the youngest ruler of the three nations, she is full of vitality. She is focused on expanding her territory.

You can watch the new trailer below and if you want to know more about God Wars Future Past, DualShockers had the chance to interview the director Yoshimi Yasuda about the game and story.

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