Godfall New Trailer is a Cinematic Intro to the Game’s Story

Godfall New Trailer is a Cinematic Intro to the Game’s Story

Godfall is a story of betrayal and revenge.

The new trailer from Godfall reveals the background story behind the events of the game and introduces its main antagonist, who betrays you to claim your throne.

Last year at The Game Awards 2019, we officially got to have a look at the very first game coming to PS5. Godfall from Counterplay Games is an upcoming looter-slasher that will land on PS5 as a console launch-title on November 12th. Recently, the developers have shared a new cinematic trailer from the game, showing off how everything turned into a chaos in the realms.

As the trailer reveals, Macros is the main antagonist of the game, who tries to achieve a very high profile in the protagonist’s kingdom and then betrays him to be the king. Playing as the defeated king, you should wipe your way out of Macros’ army through the four realms and take your throne back. It’s the very first time that Counterplay Games unfolds the story behind the game. As a single-player experience with co-op support, it would be really improtant to have an interesting story to tell and I hope the developers nail it at the end of the day.

Godfall features a fast-paced hack & slash gameplay, but also requires perfect timing for both attacking and defensive moves. There will be three different classes available in the game, each one with their own combat style and weapons. You can choose to play the game solely or team up with your friends for a long, deadly journey.

Counterplay Games has previously developed Duelyst, a top-down multiplayer RPG game that lost its servers forever a few months earlier. Godfall is going to be the studios first title to feature next-gen graphics and third-person view.

PC version of Godfall will be exclusive to Epic Games Store and launches on the same day as it comes available for PS5.