Godfall New Trailer Shows More of Its Hero-Based Combat

The very first gameplay trailer of Godfall shows off each of the three available character classes in action.

Counterplay Games’ Godfall was announced for PS5 later last year, way before the time that Sony revealed the official logo for PlayStation 5. That said, we didn’t see more of the game until Sony’s latest The Future of Gaming showcase, which revealed the first gameplay trailer for Godfall.

After launching Duelyst in 2016, Godfall is the second project coming from Counterplay Games in a quite different genre compared to their debut. Focusing on fast-paced melee combats, Godfall is a looter-slasher set in a fantasy world divided into the realms of Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Spirit. Your mission, as one of the few remaining members of Knight’s Order, is to stop the apocalypse and fight with anyone who stands on your way.

There will be three character classes in the game, each one with their own attacking and defending weapons and armors. Thanks to the new gameplay trailer, now we have a better understanding of each character, their way of fighting, and the special abilities they can use against the enemies. As shown in the trailer, the game seems to feature hardcore battles, in which you need to have perfect timing for each move of yours. That said, Godfall will be supporting up to three-player drop-in/drop-out co-operative mode, allowing you to play it more tactically with your friends.

Visually, Godfall looks stunning in its first gameplay trailer. Super smooth character animations, beautiful world-building, and next-gen ray-tracing-enabled lighting are some of the key features of the game in the case of graphics. However, it should be judged by the final edition at the end of the day.

Godfall will be available for PS5 and PC in Holiday 2020. It’s worth noting that the PC version of the game is exclusive to Epic Games Store. Thus far, there’s been no word on an Xbox Series X version of the game.

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