Godfall Gets More Details on Gameplay and World Building

New details describe Godfall as a Dark Souls-inspired action RPG with a gameplay similar to Monster Hunter World.

April 8, 2020

Counterplay Games’ Godfall is officially the very first game that has been announced for PS5, and according to new details coming from the studio, it is primarily aimed to be a next-gen experience without any plans for a PS4 version.

Reported by Official PlayStation Magazine, Godfall is supposed to feature drop-in/drop-out gameplay similar to Monster Hunter World, through which you will be fighting with dozens of deadly giants in order to stop the world from stepping into an apocalypse. Combat is mostly inspired by Dark Souls mechanics and having a perfecting timing in performing your actions will be a key factor to merely damage the enemies.


You will start the game as one of the very least remaining Knight’s Order, making your way through different realms divided into Earth, Air, Fire, and Spirit Elements to stop the apocalypse. As you make progress in the game, you will get new combat skills and customization options, based on the class you choose to play in. When it comes to the enemies, you should prepare yourself for a real challenge as bosses in Godfall will be able to repel multiple players at once.

After announcing Godfall at The Game Awards 2019 with a cinematic trailer, Counterplay Games hasn’t shared any gameplay footage of the game to showcase its features and next-gen graphics. However, an unofficial video leaked a few months earlier, showing two minutes of Godfall’s gameplay during the early development process.

Before working on their first next-gen title, Counterplay Games had developed Duelyst, a mostly praised free-to-play turn-based strategy that was launched on Steam.

Godfall will be published by Gearbox in Holidays 2020 for PS5 and PC. It’s worth noting that the PC version of the game will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. Below you can check out the reveal trailer of the game once again:

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