Godhood Will Let You Create Your Own Religion on PC in 2019

Godhood Will Let You Create Your Own Religion on PC in 2019

Reus developer Abbey Games has unveiled Godhood, a god game for PC where players can create their own religion.

While god games aren’t as popular as they used to be, Abbey Games, a Dutch independent  known for developing Renowned Explorers and Reus, is taking a stab at the genre once again with Godhood. As the title suggests, this god game will have players creating their own religion, pious or devilish, for people to follow, and will release on PC in 2019.

Like most god games, Godhood mixes elements of management and strategy games to craft something interesting. Players aren’t able to directly control their disciples, but are able to set different virtues and vices in order to influence the direction of their civilization. During the course of Godhood, players will need to have their disciples build monuments in their honor and face off against other deities in combat.

Godhood also features nice looking hand-drawn graphics, and is presented from an isometric viewpoint. The developers are also aiming to make the game very replayable, so there will be several branching paths to take while building your religion which will determine whether your religion is something more loving and standard or crazy and destructive.

You can check out the game’s first screenshots and announcement trailer below. Godhood will release on PC sometime in 2019.