Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising to Release in North America and UK, Thanks to SouthPeak Interactive

SouthPeak Games announced earlier today that they have signed the subscription-based mythological MMO, Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising for release in North America and the United Kingdom this June, securing the distribution rights from Heatwave Interactive. Those who purchase the retail version of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising will get a bunch of extras, such as an exclusive minion who will accompany you into battle as well as the Armaments of the Gods, which is a weapon pack that includes blades, axes and magic staffs that you won’t get anywhere else. You’ll also receive two buddy keys to give to your friends for a free trial for a few days.

By clicking “Read More,” you’ll be able to take a look at the full list of exclusive items included in the retail edition of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising as well as check out an assortment of images of concept art, combat screenshots and pictures of estates. You’ll find that many are pretty sweet to look at, especially the concept art.

  • Mystics receive the Staff of Hecate; a staff with magical properties enhancing your magical abilities.
  • Priests receive the Staff of Asclepius, Rome’s greatest physician; greatly enhancing your magical abilities.
  • Gladiators receive a pair of swords, the sword of Bellona, Goddess of war and the sword of Luna, Goddess of the Moon, as well as the shield known as the Ancile, Mars own buckler.
  • Soldiers receive the sword of Bellona and the shield of Ajax, as well as the two-handed sword of Summanus, God of nocturnal thunder.
  • A buddy code system where people who purchase the full version of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising can give their friends a three-day free trial of the game.
  • Exclusive Minion: Supellex
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