Gods Will Be Watching’s Empathy System Affects Resources and Mood of the Players Involved

on August 6, 2013 2:21 PM

The latest update from Gods Will Be Watching shows us a bit about the Empathy System and how it directly affects gameplay. The Indiegogo campaign fund is currently at 15,605€, which is nearly twice the original goal, and will end on August 15th.

The Empathy System will not only affect the resources available to the player but also affect the mood of everyone involved. This includes the possible victims, comrades and any bystanders in the scene.

For instance, during a hostage section, the player character can choose to be kind to a certain hostage which will calm down the other ones but annoy one of your comrades, who believes you’re being too kind. You can also hit one of the hostages which will cause the others to become compliant out of fear. If you go to the extreme and kill one of the hostages in order to elicit fear-based obedience, one of your other allies will refuse to take part in such an atrocity.

It’s really refreshing to see a game that truly knows how to create a moralistic system. There is no right and wrong path in Gods Will Be Watching–you simply choose a path that you can accept. If you’re interested in supporting this campaign, go here to contribute.

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