Godzilla Vs Kong - Who Dies? All Major Deaths Revealed

Who's still around once the dust settles?

By Peter Hunt Szpytek

March 31, 2021

The hottest Kaiju flick, Godzilla Vs Kong is finally out but everyone is wondering who dies?

As many film review outlets have pointed out, we’re not going to see Godzilla Vs Kong to get invested with the puny human drama. No, we’re going to see some Titans destroy each other and a city in the process.

That said, quite a few characters are killed off in Godzilla Vs Kong, so here’s a list of all the major deaths throughout the film.

It should go without saying that there are some MAJOR Godzilla Vs Kong spoilers ahead.

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Godzilla Vs Kong – Who Dies?

It goes without saying that with so much destruction and carnage, people were bound to die and get hurt in Godzilla Vs Kong. This is the list of all major character deaths throughout the film.

Maya Simmons

Cause of Death: Crushed by King Kong along with plenty of her Apex teammates.

Ren Serizawa

Cause of Death: Electrocuted when Ghidorah first takes control of Mechagodzilla.

Walter Simmons

Cause of Death: Crushed by Mechagodzilla after Ghidorah takes control of the robotic Kaiju right after Ren dies.


Cause of Death: After a long fight with Kong and Godzilla, the two Titans are able to get the upper-hand and decapitate Mechagodzilla with the spine axe.

Obviously, more people died throughout the film, but those are the big names. According to the Kill Counts Fandom, the total on-screen kill count for Godzilla Vs Kong is 28.

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